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Previous Leadership

2016-2017 Officers
President: Pierce Young (GSA)
Cycling VP: Nishant Verma
Triathlon VP: Gisele Calderon (GSA)
Secretary: Mary Natoli (GSA)
Publicity Chair: Colin Noe (GSA)
Treasurer: Jason Bui (Baker '18)

2015-2016 Officicers
President: Pierce Young (GSA)
Cycling VP: Carlos Moreno (GSA)
Triathlon VP: Gisele Calderon (GSA)
Treasurer: Jason Bui (Baker '18)

2014-2015 Officers
President: Pierce Young (GSA)
Treasurer: Elizabeth Pina (Lovett '15)

2013-2014 Officers
President: Elizabeth Pina (Lovett '15)
Treasurer: Thor Walker (Lovett 15')

2012-2013 Officers
President: Elizabeth Pina (Lovett '15)
Vice-President (Cycling): Connor Titus (Brown '14)
Vice-President (Triathlon): Brian Behring (Hanszen '15)
Publicity Chair: Greg Aird (Lovett '15)
Sponsorships: Courtney Applewhite (Duncan '14)
Apparel: Olivia Derr (Martel '13)
Treasurer: Christine Caneba (GSA)
Secretary: Thor Walker (Lovett '15)

2011-2012 Officers
President: Alberto Sias (Duncan '13)
Vice-President (Cycling): Matthew Charles (Hanszen '13)
Vice-President (Triathlon): Elaine Chung (Lovett '13)
Publicity Chair: Sarah Snyder (Lovett '12)
Sponsorships: Christine Caneba (GSA)
Apparel: Olivia Derr (Martel '13)
Treasurer: Sara Rhodes (Will Rice '12)
Secretary: David Kao (GSA)

2010-2011 Officers
President: Violetta Krol (Baker '12)
Vice-President (Cycling): Tim Drayna (GSA)
Vice-President (Triathlon): Georgia Lagoudas (Lovett '12)
Publicity Chair:  Matthew Charles (Hanszen '13)
Secretary:  Elyse Landry (Will Rice '12)
Sponsorships:  David Kao (GSA)
Treasurer: Alberto Sias (Duncan '13)

2009-2010 Officers
President: Jasper Yan (Brown '10)
Cycling Vice President: Yuekai Sun (Baker '10)
Triathlon Vice President:  Justin Lopez (Lovett '11)
Recreational Cycling & Apparels Chair:  Violetta Krol (Baker '12)
Recreational Running Chair:  Cassie Lopez (Lovett '11)
Sponsorships:  Georgia Lagoudas (Lovett '12)
Treasurer:  Thierry Rignol (Brown '12)
Publicity Chair:  Amanda Reineck (Sid '10)

2008-2009 Officers
Rice Cycling
President: Jasper Yan (Brown '10)
Vice-President: Jordan Shanker (Brown '10)
Secretary: Peter Hokanson (WRC '11)
Treasurer: Murat Konuk (Jones '11)
Jerseys/Sponsorships: Ian White (Jones '09)
Recruitment: Wei Sun (Brown '10)

Rice Triathlon
Co-Presidents: Justin Lopez (Lovett '11) and Russ Ehlinger (WRC '09)

2007-2008 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Juan Carlos Zapata (Baker '08)
Vice President: Jacob Nagy (Brown '08)
Treasurer and Sponsorships Chair: Jasper Yan (Brown '10)

2006-2007 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Joseph Bylund (Baker '07)

2002-2003 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Ryan Helmick
Vice President: Charlie Coggins
The Wheel Thing

1998-1999 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Daniel Dugi (WRC '99)

1996-1997 (Rice University Cycling Team)
Off-road race bodes well for team

1994-1995 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Will Letendre (Brown '96)
Vice President: Tex Duncan (Brown '95)
Treasurer: Adam Czelusta (Baker '95)
Secretary: Dave Kuhlken (Brown '95)

1993-1994 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Jay Cho
Cycling takes fourth at track Championships (October 8, 1993)

1992-1993 Officers (Rice University Cycling Team)
President: Garrick F. Mitchell

If you were an officer of RUCT but not listed here, please send us an email at cycling [at] rice [dot] edu.