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Triathlon Collegiate Nationals

This was Rice's first appearance in the Collegiate National Championship! It was held in Lubbock, Texas and was a great success! The distance was Olympic- a 1500m swim, 40 k bike, and 10k run.

We had 7 individuals compete- Justin Lopez, Russ Ehlinger, Amanda Reineck, Tori Gascoyne, Alicia Allen, Elyse Landry, and Georgia Lagoudas.

The girls competed with a full team and placed 35/40. Elyse Landry had an especially stellar performance placing 92/269 for females (430/736 overall) with a time of 2:52 on an extremely difficult course.

The course was very hilly- including a steep climb out of the transition zone, a set of hills at the turnaround point, and another set of hills coming into the finish. In addition, the temperature was around 45 degrees the morning of and the water was a chilly 53 degrees.

Additional props go to Justin Lopez for finishing the race post-crash around mile 4 of the bike!

Great job to everyone who competed!