Mission Statement:

Rice University Cycling and Triathlon (RUCT) provides an opportunity for the Rice community (undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni) to pursue both competitive and recreational cycling and triathlon events.  

RUCT provides a supportive and constructive environment for novice members, and offers valuable benefits to members of all levels of fitness and experience. The team also provides a social means of uniting members of the Rice community who enjoy cycling and triathlon events for the purposes of training, racing, improving fitness and enjoying the sports together.

This organization represents Rice University in the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (SCCCC) of the National Collegiate Cycling Association and the College Triathlon Conference.  We also race in a variety of competitive and endurance races around Houston.

2018 RUCT Officers 

President:                          Mary Natoli (GSA) - mary.e.natoli@rice.edu 
Cycling Vice President:        Colin Noe (GSA) - colinmichaelnoe@gmail.com
Triathlon Vice President:      Gisele Calderon (GSA) - gacaldero@gmail.com
Philanthropy Vice President: Sophie D'Amico (Duncan 19') - srd5@rice.edu
Treasurer:                          Satyajit Rao (GSA) - sdr4@rice.edu
Secretary:                          Patrick Breen (Hanszen '20) - pwb3@rice.edu
Graduate Outreach Chair:    Jim Aman (Hanszen '20) - jaa2@rice.edu
Undergrad Outreach Chair:  Brian Ying (Jones '20) - yy49@rice.edu
Apparel Chair:                    Grant Boggess (GSA) - gfb2@rice.edu
Sponsorship Chair:              Kirill Evdokimov (GSA) - ke10@rice.edu

RUCT 2017 officers