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Houston may be flat, but the city does have a lot of pavement. The Houston Bikeways website claims that Rice is surrounded by 345 miles of biking and commuting trails, with an additional 80 miles of bike trails located in city parks. Discovering and navigating these trails on your own can be a bit daunting. The easiest way to learn a new route is to join a scheduled RUCT ride. If you want to head out on your own, however, the rides and trails listed on this page are a great place to start.
Bike Barn also has a great store of routes:
If you have a great ride you've discovered, please contact

Road Bike Routes

 Name   Length  Hills  Typical Traffic Distance to Start  Notes
 Memorial Park  14 mi.  Easy     Moderate - Heavy  0 mi.  
 Bray's Bayou out 'n back 20 mi.  Easy  Light  0 mi.
 Halloween Ride  27 mi.      Moderate  Moderate     0 mi.  Includes Bellfort Overpass
 Bush Park out  'n back  50 mi.  Easy  Moderate  0 mi.  
 West Houston Loop  50 mi.  Moderate  Moderate  0 mi.  
 Figure 8 to IAH  50 mi.  Easy  Moderate - Heavy   0 mi.  
 Cat Spring  53 mi.    Light  70 mi.  
 Katy Mills Mall  85 mi.   Easy  Moderate  0 mi.  

Houston Rides
These are NOT official RUCT rides. They are merely a cycling resource managed through

Monday:     Memorial Park Picnic Loop     6:30pm (all paces)
Tuesday:    Bike Barn - Weslayan            7:00pm (fast)
Thursday:   Planetary Cycles                   7:00pm (slow,med,fast)
Weekends: Different Places at Different Paces! Check the above website

Mountain Bike Trails
Ho Chi Minh Trails @ Memorial Park
Memorial Park Bike Trail Message Line: (713) 221-0499
Distance to trail: ~7 miles
Length: 3 miles of trail
Notes: For all those current and potential mountain bikers out there, Memorial Park has some wonderful backcountry trails. I've mapped a few of them, including the mythical Triangle Trail, but the best way to familiarize yourself with the park is to find someone's rear wheel and hang on for dear life. To limit erosion on the trails, the park is only open when the trails are dry. Cops can - and do - patrol the park on bike and will be very grumpy with you if you're out there when you shouldn't be. To avoid riding all the way there, only to discover a "TRAILS CLOSED" sign, call the trail message line before your ride. This will get you a brief recording stating the current trail conditions.
Length: 25 miles of trail
Rocky Hill Ranch
Website: Address: 578 FM 153, Smithville
Distance to trail: ~126 miles
Length: 25 miles of trail. The main loop is 12 miles, and is well marked.
Entry fee: $8 (honor system)
Notes: The trails are beautiful, with much more variety in terrain and texture than found in Houston. Beginners would struggle here, but it's an amazing spot for skills work and enjoying nature.

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